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Beschrijving functie Are you looking to join a highly professional, motivated and value driven small team? Do you want to be part of a groundbreaking program that is moving the needle in the social responsibility landscape in global supply chains?
Position Description
Senior Manager, reporting to the Executive Director (ED) SLCP
About SLCP
SLCP (Social & Labor Convergence Program) is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder initiative working on redirecting resources from social audits towards the improvement of social and labor conditions in global supply chains. At present we are mostly active in the textile, apparel and footwear industry. SLCP brings together the industry to implement an efficient, scalable and sustainable solution for social audits called the Converged Assessment Framework (CAF). The CAF and related systems and processes result in a high-quality data set on working conditions in a particular facility that can be used by all industry stakeholders. These sets of data, called verified assessments, increase transparency in supply chains, reduce the need for multiple social audits and ultimately allow users to redeploy resources from solely measuring to improving working conditions.
SLCP is supported by 200+ signatories, who are committed to improving working conditions by reinvesting the resources saved through implementation of the CAF. Since its first implementation in 2019, the Program is successfully and rapidly increasing scale. Thousands of facilities have now used the CAF in over 30 countries, and we expect this number to continue to grow exponentially in the next 3 years. Find more information on:
SLCP’s data hosting & sharing model and vision on data insights
SLCP has designed and implemented an online semi-decentralized system for the hosting and sharing of SLCP verified assessments. This system consists of a central distribution Gateway (developed by the International Trade Centre (ITC), a UN agency) and a network of Accredited Hosts. For more information about this semi-decentralized system see: Helpdesk SLCP data hosting & sharing system. Since the start of operations in 2019, we have and will continuously improve the system to allow for wider roll-out in multiple markets and numerous facilities.
The number of SLCP assessments and volume of data currently in the system is growing rapidly and provides great opportunities for trend analysis and data insights. These insights will be shared with the industry to facilitate further improvements of working conditions. SLCP’s technology system and data insights work is mission critical and we are therefore looking for a new Senior Manager to join our team.
Driving SLCP Strategic Area: Technology & Data Insights
·       Act, and be recognized, as the owner of the SLCP technology ecosystem and data analysis, ensuring that it continues to meet the evolving and changing requirements of all stakeholders
·       Defining and presenting respective opportunities to ED, other Senior Managers and SLCP Council, along with the risks, costs and other implications of implementation
·       Ensure strategy and implementation planning in respective areas are aligned with other SLCP operational areas (driven by other Senior Managers and SLCP support staff) and partners
·       Define, maintain, own and implement the Strategic Plan for respective area, in a timely and cost-effective way. This will require engagement with signatories and partners to reach consensus.
·       Facilitating respective Technical Advisory Committee(s) and tech partner group(s) compiled of different industry stakeholders, e.g. brands, service providers, manufacturers, audit firms
·       Oversee tech user support:
o   Hire and manage support staff and/or consultants, as needed
o   Liaise with Operations Support Team to give technical insight and direction
Specifically, this covers:
·       Defining and presenting opportunities to continuously improve SLCP’s data hosting & sharing system, along with the risks, costs and other implications of implementation:
o   Engaging with facilities, Verifiers, brands, Gateway, Verification Oversight Organization and Accredited Hosts to identify opportunities to continuously improve the SLCP ecosystem
o   Understanding program needs and managing existing and new requirements for the solution (Specs documents, Business Rules).
o   In consultation with SLCP users (including facilities, Verifiers, Verification Oversight Organization and Accredited Hosts) prioritize and implement additional features to the SLCP system architecture
o   Analyze user behavior and provide solutions to improve the user experience of SLCP stakeholders
o   Ensure all partners in the SLCP ecosystem meet their SLA commitments for system implementation
·       Define, maintain and own a roadmap of agreed future system/technology enhancements and partnerships for the growing SLCP eco-system (Gateway and Accredited Hosts):
o   Understand program needs in relation to other strategic areas and future direction to define technology opportunities and priorities
o   Partner with the Gateway/ITC and Accredited Hosts, as well as other strategic partners to (seek opportunities) to optimize the SLCP system architecture (including functionality, integration and data exchange patterns, accuracy, and access continuity)
o   Put in place a robust plan to deliver enhancements in a timely and cost-effective way.  This will require engagement with all technical partners to reach consensus.
o   Implement partner onboarding, support, testing and accreditation
o   Oversee development and implementation of test plans
o   Ensure full documentation is maintained, and change management procedures are in place
o   Ensure all partners in the SLCP ecosystem realize business value out of SLCP (including periodic review of the fee structure together with ED and SLCP Council)
·       Define, maintain and own a roadmap for data insights including data extraction, data analysis and partnership (e.g. academia):
o   Analyze and report on related data trends of SLCP usage/performance and present to SLCP colleagues, the SLCP Council and the Technical Advisory Committee
o   Understand program needs in relation to other strategic areas and future direction to define opportunities and priorities for data analysis
o   Develop and implement practices to continuously improve data integrity (including data quality checks of SLCP verified data)
o   Develop and implement technical tools (together with partners) and solutions for SLCP broadly, to export and analyze SLCP process information and verified assessment data
o   Develop and implement a strategy for (annual) data insights on SLCP verified data
o   Work with internal and external stakeholders to enable and oversee data extraction and analysis and derive insights that will help SLCP, its signatories and other stakeholders to improve performance
o   Work with internal and external stakeholders to enable and oversee data extraction of SLCP verified assessments, its analysis and deriving insights and trends in labor conditions in supply chains. The aim of this workstream is to further foster SLCP’s objectives of increasing transparency in supply chains, reducing the need for social audits and redeploying resources toward improving working conditions.
o   (In future) develop and implement a strategy for data analysis together with/by external parties (such as UN organization(s) and Academia), including funding opportunities

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Eisenpakket Qualifications
·       Diplomatic, convincing, energetic, flexible and enthusiastic personality
·       Eager to learn and open minded
·       Strong project management skills and ability to effectively juggle multiple projects at once
·       Analytical skills and experience in performance monitoring – ability to translate the organization’s objective into concrete actions, priorities and KPIs
·       Excellent problem-solving skills
·       Strong in relationship building and communication
·       Demonstrated competence in conducting and leading workshops and facilitating meetings, including in-person, virtual and hybrid sessions
·       Experience working with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds and in different time zones
·       Effective English written and verbal communication skills
·       Strong presentation skills including ability to create engaging presentation materials
·       Attention to detail and high level of accuracy
·       Literacy of commonly used software programs (see below for details)
·       Enjoys a fast-paced, dynamic, challenging work environment
·       Team player who prioritizes work based on the needs of the organization and its signatories and ready to ‘go the extra mile’ in a small team, i.e. taking up tasks that are outside of the usual scope of responsibility
Education level and experience
·       8+ years of working experience of which 5+ years in a management role.
·       Experience in retail, corporate responsibility, and/or human rights and environmental programs preferred.
·       Experience in non-profit/membership type organization preferred
·       5+ years of experience in IT solutions systems management and operations throughout their lifecycle, including 
o   user needs analysis and requirements management,
o   working with both technical and functional system specifications,
o   integration with 3rd party systems,
o   data management, reporting
o   providing end-user support
·       Specialized training on relational databases preferred. 
Specifically to contents of work/Technology & Data Analysis
·       Ability to work with user needs and requirements (identification, prioritization, impact analysis, etc.) and transforming them to functional and technical specifications 
·       Experienced working with external partners and third-party connected systems
·       Familiar with various IT concepts and recent developments involving globally distributed systems, remote computing, web applications, IT systems integration, API definition and management, working with JSON and schema validation
·       Able to understand technological issues and collaborate with IT experts to identify problems, independently solving minor/routine problems and escalating more complex issues as appropriate
·       High-level understanding of data analytical tools/languages such as Python, R or Tableau
·       Experience with change management systems and processes
·       Systems knowledge and familiarity with complex databases. Ability to analyze large data sets, cull relevant insights/interpret trends
·       Experience in developing score cards, reporting data insights and presenting complex information in an understandable and compelling manner
·       Strong working software knowledge (MS Access, Word, Power Point, and Excel)
·       Experience with Atlassian products such as JIRA

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Taalvaardigheid Vereist: Engels
Handig om te kunnen: Nederlands
Meer informatie Employment, organization set-up and location
SLCP has its own independent governance, strategically steered by a Council elected from and by SLCP signatories. The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) supports the SLCP secretariat. For this job the SAC will be the formal employer and will give administrative and logistical support to the Program and its staff.

The Senior Manager will work directly with colleagues in the SLCP Secretariat: Executive Director, Senior Managers in other program fields, and support staff. Colleagues and stakeholders are located across the work. Engagement with them requires some flexibility in working hours.

The Senior Manager will be part of the SLCP senior management team and will report to the Executive Director, who is based out of Amsterdam, holding offices in the Fashion for Good Center. The Senior Manager will be based in Amsterdam. The employment is based on a 40-hour work week (8 hours a day).

To Apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your CV and a covering letter to [email protected] before 15 March. Please explicitly note the application for this vacancy ‘Senior Manager Tech & Data Insights’ in the email title.

SLCP will review applications on a rolling basis.
See also the same advertisement on our website:

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Beschrijving werkgever SLCP (Social & Labor Convergence Program) is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder initiative working on redirecting resources from social audits towards the improvement of social and labor conditions in global supply chains.
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